SHIFT - Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow

Partner with the award-winning programme

The Baker Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT) is the standard affordable housing providers use to prove their environmental credentials.

SHIFT was developed with the support of:

Partnering with SHIFT will give you:

  • Contact with the largest social housing providers in the UK as they reduce CO2 emissions by 34% by 2025;
  • Engagement with key staff, managing properties housing over 2 million residents.
  • Visibility and recognition, within key Government departments and regulators, of your actions on Corporate and Social Responsibility.
  • Alignment with a high profile, successful programme that has significant impact.
  • Brand and product/service recognition through our monthly e-bulletins;
  • Networking opportunities at our annual corporate events;
  • Inclusion on the Baker Homes website;
  • Credits in magazine articles and press releases;
  • Recognition from Baker Homes in all SHIFT marketing within the industry.

An award winning team

Baker Homes operate as the Secretariat for SHIFT. Baker Homes works to improve the built environment through training, consultancy and policy influencing.

SHIFT is changing social housing. We look forward to having you on board to assist in taking affordable housing providers to a lower carbon future.