Carbon Reduction Options for Housing Managers (CROHM)

If you are planning a major retrofitting programme, fuel poverty strategy, preparing for the Green Deal or Renewable Heat Incentive, don't start without CROHM. 

housing stock carbon assessment

We have a number of requests from people wanting to better understand the carbon emissions of their stock and the most cost-effective steps to improve these. In response, we now offer a whole-stock carbon assessment which provides recommendations on how to improve both buildings and resident energy use and behaviour.

The bespoke report you will receive will provide a pathway to low carbon for your stock, including:

  • A deep understanding of your stock's current energy performance
  • A detailed assessment of the most cost-effective options for improvement, with solutions ranked according to your specific priorities - be they reducing fuel poverty, energy bills, carbon emissions, improving SAP scores or any combination
  • Strategic planning and the support you need from senior managers, suppliers and tenants in order to effectively implement your programme
"This research is proving highly valuable. It has highlighted the measures which have the greatest potential for carbon savings. This work is

in partnership with:

Parity Projects 

helping Merton focus on the most appropriate solutions for the area.
" Jon Buick, Climate Change Projects Manager, London Borough of Merton.

The future is lower fuel bills, healthier homes and lower carbon. Should you like to learn more about stock carbon assessments, view the summary here. Do get in touch or 0875 221 2232.

Low carbon made easy with Baker Homes. Be part of the change.