The state of the nation: housing and sustainability report launch

June 21, 2023

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Next week at Housing 2017 in Manchester Baker Homes will launch Safe as Houses, – a review of sustainability in the social housing sector, based on the evidence from SHIFT assessments in 2016.

Safe as Houses highlights the main sustainability issues in housing and provides a snapshot of the leaders in the sector – SHIFT accredited landlords – which can be held up as outperforming their peers in terms of sustainability and climate action.

The sector has become more varied and complex in the last two years. Well known and established landlords have merged; others have strengthened their core objectives, rooted in their social purpose; and others have developed into hybrid developer-landlords providing new housing for the open market. What does this mean for sustainability?

Sustainability may have taken a bit of a battering – but being a sustainable business now impacts on decisions by investors whilst producing safe, sustainable housing stock is critical – as seen by recent tragic events.

The key highlights from The Review, Safe as Houses 2016/17 are:

  • the introduction of a new way of measuring the overall sustainability of the sector
  • exploration of the big trends that will affect sustainability in housing – from the Paris Agreement to BIM and from responsible investment to standards
  • for the first time Baker Homes has been able to identify the efficiency of the sector
  • introduction of a new term – multi-tenure landlords - to reflect the increased diversity and complexity of the sector
  • where possible there is a comparison to other tenures
  • SHIFT continues to be the sustainability standard for the housing sector, with landlords representing over 600,000 homes contributing to this report.

Join us at The Fringe for the launch

The report will be officially launched at 11.30 on Tuesday 27 June, come along to hear about the main findings of the report, understand what implication for UK housing and hear from our expert panel – John Churchett from H+H who kindly sponsored the report, Louise Archer from Broadland Housing and Ian Napier from Switchee.

If you don’t have your Housing 2017 pass yet and you would like to attend the report launch please request a guest pass to Joana Malato

The report will be available for download Tuesday 27 June. Get in touch if you would like to receive a hardcopy by sending your contact details.


THE REVIEW, SAFE AS HOUSES, Sustainability of the social housing sector 2016/17 is kindly sponsored by 


Bevan Jones

Bevan Jones

Bevan is the managing director of Baker Homes. Bevan's areas of expertise are: Climate change adaptation | Climate change and business planning | Sustainable organisations | Carbon management | Sustainability strategy | Consultancy

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Hi Bevan (sorry for the typo)
You might want to take a look at which has some disturbing news about what planners think is “sustainable” (or not)